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Responsible Alcohol Service Training (RAST) Classes

Grand Futures offers classes in Responsible Alcohol Service Training (RAST), which is recognized as a Responsible Vendor Program in the State of Colorado (equivalent to TIPS training). 

Server training has been proven to reduce sales to minors, liquor license violations and reduce liability

In addition to meeting the requirement of the State of Colorado for servers to receive this certification to host tastings, it also satisfies Steamboat Springs Municipal Code 3-28 which requires certification every 3 years for owners and employees who serve and sell alcohol within Steamboat Springs City limits. All servers and vendors are encouraged to attend training with an approved program to reduce liability and continually be aware of liquor laws and regulations.

Alcohol servers and sellers (bartenders, wait staff, liquor store clerks) will learn responsible liquor sales practices including:

  • Understanding liabilities for servers and seller as well as the business or club associated with serving alcohol
  • Being able to recognize signs of intoxication and prevent problem situations and over-service
  • A general understanding of how alcohol and/or drugs affect a person
  • Acceptable forms of ID and tools for detecting underage patrons
  • How to help change the drinking culture of our communities by making it safer for everyone

Upcoming RAST classes:

We currently do not have any classes scheduled. If you are interested or have any questions please email or call 970-819-7805 and leave a message. 

The RAST class fee is $35, payable online by clicking on the button below, or via cash or check on the day of your training.