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RAST Class

Grand Futures offers classes in Responsible Alcohol Service Training (RAST), which is recognized as a Responsible Vendor Program in the State of Colorado.  It is equivalent to TIPS training. These programs train alcohol servers (bartenders, wait staff, liquor store clerks) to serve alcohol responsibly as well as provides information on asking for and checking identification. Many of our communities require that anyone serving alcohol must be server certified. Attendees will learn:

- To understand liabilities for them and the business associated with serving alcohol
- To be able to recognize signs of intoxication and prevent problem situations and over-service
- A general understanding of how alcohol and/or drugs affect a person
- The acceptable forms of ID and be given tools for detecting underage patrons
- How to help change the drinking culture of our communities by making it safer for everyone.

The fee for the RAST class is $35. You can pay online by clicking on the button below.