Teen Council

Grand Futures is committed to developing leaders among the youth in our communities. As such, we sponsor Teen Councils in many of the school districts in Moffat, Routt, and Grand Counties. These youth are educated in substance abuse prevention, and encouraged to create and implement alternative activities for their peers with the support of GFPC funds and oversight. If you or someone you know is interested in being involved in this fun and challenging group, please contact the director for your county.

Responsible Alcohol Server Training (RAST) and Responsible Retailers

Grand Futures offers classes in Responsible Alcohol Service Training, which is recognized as a Responsible Vendor Program in the State of Colorado.  These programs train alcohol servers (bartenders, wait staff, liquor store clerks) to serve alcohol responsibly as well as provides information on asking for and checking identification. Many of our communities require that anyone serving alcohol must be server certified. Attendees will learn:

- To understand liabilities for them and the business associated with serving alcohol
- To be able to recognize signs of intoxication and prevent problem situations and over-service
- A general understanding of how alcohol and/or drugs affect a person
- The acceptable forms of ID and be given tools for detecting underage patrons
- How to help change the drinking culture of our communities by making it safer for everyone.

If you are interested in taking this class, call the County Director in your area:

Grand County: 970.887.9655
Moffat County: 970.824.5752
Routt County: 970.879.6188


Retailers: Download the "Take a Look" posters are perfect for your restaurant or store to help remind employees of their responsibility when it comes to serving and selling alcohol.   Also, please call a county office for additional assistance with responsible service.


N-O-T on Tobacco is a 10-session group class created for teens specifically to help them quit or reduce their use of tobacco and marijuana products. This program is only for students who willingly want to participate.  All County Directors are a certified facilitators. Please contact your local GFPC County Director to find out more.

Grand County: 970.887.9655
Moffat County: 970.824.5752
Routt County: 970.879.6188

 N-O-T is an evidence-based teen cessation program produced by the American Lung Association. 


#BetterMeYV is an Instagram campaign in which youth around the Yampa Valley can show pictures of themselves living their best life. Be inspired to become a better you. Take a picture of yourself doing something you love and add the hashtag #bettermeyv! You could win $100! 

Community Presentations

Grand Futures staff are constantly expanding their knowledge of substances, substance abuse, and substance abuse prevention. We love to make this knowledge available to the community and we encourage partners from all organizations and institutions to reach out to us if they are interested in working with us. We host presentations on a variety of topics throughout the year, but are always open to adding more if there is an interest in the community. We have presented to classrooms, after-school groups, parenting classes, special interest clubs, town boards, school boards, public health professionals, and more. Please contact the County Director in your county for more information.