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Our Strategic Direction

Youth Development

Objective: Empower young people to make healthy, positive, substance free choices through a risk and protective factor framework approach

Strategy 1: Increase youth perception of harm for substances and help youth to understand the risks of substance use and abuse through educational presentations and workshops

Strategy 2: Decrease youth substance use and abuse through skill building educational programs for youth to help with decision making, goal setting, leadership, refusal skills, self-esteem building, and stress navigation

Programming: Youth-To-Youth Advocacy, Youth Summit, Social Justice Youth Tobacco Movement 

Education for Trusted Adults: Teachers, Youth Leaders, Parents and Families

Objective: Develop role models and leaders in our communities who are able to positively influence youth choices and behavior around substance use and abuse

Strategy: Increase skills of role models and youth leaders to guide youth to positive choices and behaviors related to substance use and abuse prevention by providing substance specific education and technical assistance for trusted adults

Programming: Vaping culture and policy work sessions for school staff, youth leaders, and coaches, “How to talk to youth about substance use” parent and family presentations

Community Engagement

Objective: Collaborate with the community at large to educate and provide best practices in substance use and abuse prevention for young people

Strategy 1: Raise visibility of Grand Futures Prevention Coalition and its programming to provide information and increase awareness and advocacy in a combined effort to build a healthy community through news articles and presentations

Strategy 2: Provide state sanctioned responsible vendor training to the alcohol and marijuana industries to protect our youth and prevent over serving and underage access

Programming: Responsible Alcohol Service Training (RAST), TenderWise (Responsible Marijuana Vendor Training, Op-ed News Articles, Community Presentations

Capacity Building

Objective: Grow Grand Futures Prevention Coalition staff and volunteer base to expand our impact in the communities we serve and maintain viability through a focused commitment to increase funding

Strategy 1: Diversify funding to maintain longevity of the organization through donor campaigns, fundraising activities and revenue generating trainings

Strategy 2: Build board, staff and volunteer structure to ensure organizational sustainability for the long-term, including a viable succession plan

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